5 Tips for Better Customer Service

I have asked hundreds of business owners, “What makes your company the best at what you do?” Every answer I get includes, “We give great customer service.” Why do all business owners say they give great customer service yet one of the biggest complaints from customers is that they have received mediocre or bad customer service?

Here are 5 tips to make sure that the customer service you are giving EXCEEDS expectations:

  1. Look at your business from your customer’s eyes and experience – Start from the first point that the customer becomes aware of you (marketing) and work your way through the sales process and how you treat them after they’ve become a customer and beyond.
  2. Make it easy to buy from you – I walked into a big box cell phone store and the manager said that depending on my issue, the process could get complicated. Why is it complicated for me, the consumer? Buying from you and solving issues should be easy for the customer even if it means that it is more complicated for your business. If it is too hard to buy from you people will go elsewhere, which I did.
  3. Continuous Training on Customer Service – How often are you training, observing and providing feedback to your staff. It doesn’t matter if you serve external or internal customers, continuous focus and training will pay you back in reputation, referrals and increased sales.
  4. Give your customers more than they expect – Your customers may love what you do but they will expect you to get better and better the more they buy from you. What are you doing in your business to give customers more than they expect? They should not be just satisfied when doing business with you, they should be delighted.
  5. Treat your customers as if they were the most important part of your business because they are – Do your customers feel important? Do they feel valued? Remember, 68% of customers leave a business because they feel that no one cares. For those of you who remember the show Cheers, each time Norm walked into the bar, the bartenders and patrons called out, “NORM!!!” He even had his own stool. Where are the “NORM!!!” moments during your customer’s experience?

If you’ve read this and thought, “we have a lot of work to do”, the good news is that you can start by taking action today. Start with a smile and work your way through the list. If you feel as if you have a pretty good handle on the above, take another look. If your customers are the most important part of your business, they deserve the very best you have to offer.

By: Jackie Zach

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