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Strategic Business Center has no open positions at this time.

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Center Director – Mathnasium of Franklin

We’re ready to grow and you can help. 

How would you like to join a growing, enthusiastic team that works to improve the lives of business owners? Where your passion and persistence will be appreciated and well-rewarded? Where there is plenty of opportunity for personal and career growth and advancement?
As we continue to grow, we need your help to fulfill our vision to become the premier business coaching services provider in Wisconsin. We’re looking for special, outgoing professionals who have excellent attention to detail, strong time-management skills, self-motivated, enjoys creating and improving systems and has a professional and friendly manner.
People describe you as friendly, trustworthy, optimistic, conscientious, and enthusiastic – with a healthy attitude for fun and a quick smile! You see yourself as a self-starter, energetic and persistent, with a methodical approach to work.
A team player, you’re goal-oriented, love variety, work effectively with little oversight, and enjoy an invigorating, fast-paced environment. Your leadership skills are apparent as you assist and drive our team through proactive problem solving and plenty of thinking “outside the box.”
Our office is nestled in the heart of historic downtown Elm Grove, WI. Our complete compensation package reflects our healthy appreciation for balance in life.