Celebrate Team Wins

Summertime is here! We’ve waited for what feels like an eternity for the return of sunny days and nights on the patio, and it’s time to enjoy it. While it’s important to take some time for yourself this summer (you deserve it!), make sure you’re enjoying this beautiful season with your team too! We fully believe in celebrating the big and small wins, together, and last week we did just that (see cover photo).

With everything going on here lately, we knew it was time for a party. We celebrated our rebrand, our personal wins and the end of our expo season together over good food, drinks, and great conversation. We got to know each other’s loved ones a little better too! We laughed about the latest office pranks and other great memories. Team get-togethers can be whatever you want them to be, but make sure you’re appreciating those around you and having fun. Get out of your usual office space if you can and make it a special time for all.

So, who do you need to celebrate with this season? Who was there for you when you first started out that has helped get you to where you are today or supported you during the first five months of 2019? Make sure you thank them. What are some wins from the past few months that you, as a team, could all celebrate?

Celebrate where you’ve been, and celebrate where you’re going! What is one thing you are going to do today to move your business forward?

By: Molly Barnes

Molly BarnesCelebrate Team Wins