A Community of Leaders

EClub is our community of business owners and leaders who are using EOS®, or the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, from the book Traction® to run their business. Our quarterly half-day sessions are led by our local, award-winning Strategic Business Center EOS Implementers™ Jim Palzewicz & Rick Appleby. Our rotating agenda of engaging topics are designed to help you, and the Integrator and Visionary™ in a company implementing EOS, to better master the EOS Model™ and Tools. EClub is also a Clarity Break™ for you to work on the business, and become the best leader you can be for your team. Network with other leaders using EOS to share challenges and best practices. If you’re serious about using EOS to achieve your vision and goals, join us for EClub!

Our Sponsors

Participation in EClub is complimentary, as the day is sponsored by service providers who are using or appreciate EOS as the simplest, most powerful business management system for entrepreneurial leadership teams.

If you are currently using EOS in your business, contact Jim Palzewicz at (262) 901-4244 to get on the invite list, or fill out the following form:

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