High Quality Advisors Lead to High Quality Life

Here is a chain of events for you:

High-Quality Advisors, Mentors, and Teachers provide us with High-Quality Education which improves the Quality of Beliefs we have in ourselves and the world around us. Our improved beliefs fuel our Dreams which leads us to ask High-Quality Questions about ourselves and the world around us. These questions lead to improved Decisions which lead to High-Quality Actions. Better Actions lead to More Positive Results. It is these results that improve your Quality of Life.

Mentors, advisors, teachers, and coaches are all there to expand your knowledge and education. If you have a higher level of education, either formal or informal, what you believe about yourself and the world around you expands and your dreams for the future growth.

With bigger dreams, you ask better questions. The answers to better questions drive you to make better decisions and take more positive actions. These actions give you better results and these results improve the quality of life for you, your family, and those around you.

It all starts with great advisors, mentors, and teachers because they are the bearers of wisdom.
More next month on “Seeking Wisdom…”
When it comes to sales, all you have to do is ask your customers; they quite literally have all the answers.
Have you ever answered a question with a question? Would that be making a difference to your conversion rate? The answer to the latter is most definitely yes! Asking questions not only increases your conversion rate but also builds rapport with your customer and ensures that the sale becomes their idea and not yours.

Asking questions also means active listening. You can ask questions about your customers work, business, children or hobbies but make sure that you are listening with sincere interest.

By asking questions you are remaining in control of the conversation. Once you find yourself doing all the talking you lose control. Just remember that the person asking questions sets the direction.

If the customer is dominating the conversation by asking you questions, make sure you answer the question with a question. If you have to put too much effort into sounding genuine you are most likely over-doing it, just relax and listen for keywords, then the conversation will flow.

Questions can guide consumer interest, discover a need and give accurate information. There are two commonly known types of questioning – open-ended and closed questions.

Open-ended questions are an excellent way to ensure customer involvement in the conversation and are a key to identifying not only what they need but also a lot about themselves. You can use open-ended questions to build rapport, to find a need, to discover a customer’s problems and find the right solutions. In journalism, there are six key questions used in the interviewing process which is as equally useful in sales – who, what, where, when, why and how.

Closed questions tend to get one-word answers “yes” or “no”. They can be used to gather information quickly – not unlike a checklist. Using closed questions can also confirm a buying detail and help confirm the sale.

Learning the art of questioning and listening is the key to increasing your conversion rate and well on the way to creating a continuing customer relationship. The most important thing is to shut-up and listen with two ears and one mouth. Often your most effective tool is the pause, sometimes people can’t help but fill in the gaps and end up telling you things they had never intended too.

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