Mastery Needs a Community

A few years ago, we started EClub, our EOS® Mastery quarterly half-day event specifically for EOS® Visionaries and Integrators™ in companies implementing EOS. As we concluded our last meeting, it was gratifying to hear the attendees thanking our sponsors for underwriting the session. They so appreciated the opportunity to invest a half-day with other EOS Visionaries and Integrators™ to learn, share and grow together in their mastery of EOS. That’s when it hit me – mastery needs a community.

Think about anyone who’s serious about achieving a goal… it could be a gold medal in the Olympics; a college degree, or mastering a hobby (homebrewing for me!) In each case, communities form to help support everyone in achieving their goal. There are Homebrew Clubs, where brewers gather to share equipment, knowledge, and camaraderie in pursuit of the perfect pint. College students form study groups where they tutor, motivate and encourage each other and all become strong on the subject. Olympians live in special communities where their schedule is regimented, and outside distractions eliminated.

As we look at our clients, it’s not surprising to note that in order to support their decision to move from a good to great business, they participate in a variety of communities. It may be a CEO Roundtable, where peer support and best practices are shared. Or a MasterMind group, where members read books together with a coach to help them implement what they’ve learned. Our most successful clients are part of an Industry Peer Group, consisting of competing businesses covering different geographies. By sharing their process and systems around industry-specific issues, they all elevate their game against their local competition.

The more specific the community, the more focus there is on mastery. College study groups trying to meet at the homebrew club wouldn’t get much studying done! If you’re serious about your EOS journey, I encourage you to contact me for your invitation to attend one of our mastery sessions!

Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Who are you investing time with?

Yours in Abundance,

Jim Palzewicz 

Certified EOS Implementer™

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