Business Development Director
Phone: (262) 901-4251


Jill Allen is an accomplished Business Development executive with progressive experience building teams and working with employers of all sizes. Throughout her career, Jill has dedicated herself to building solid lasting relationships with her clients. Jill takes pride in understanding where the gaps and challenges exist within a particular business and is driven to provide solutions that improve outcomes for all stakeholders.

Jill most recently was the Founder and CEO of Consumer Health Connections. She built a technology company from the ground-up, where she delivered an innovative cutting-edge solution within the insurance industry. As a passionate leader and strategic thinker, her ability to forecast industry trends and provide solutions is second to none. She is frequently complemented by her ability and knowledge in identifying and capturing opportunities, driving growth through strategic sales and improving operations to drive better results.

Jill is a Registered Nurse and holds both a BS in Business Management and an MS in Health Service Administration. Jill is passionate about delivering exceptional services to her clients and works diligently to exceed expectations.

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