Strategic Management

Strategic Management Group Coaching Curriculum

Strategic Management was created as an answer to the question “how do I take my best workers and turn them into my best managers?” Most people get promoted because they are good at what they do. When they suddenly have to shift from getting things done to making sure everyone else is getting things done, that’s when things breakdown. Too many hours at work, too much stress, too many problems to solve become the manager’s mantra. Managers will learn how people operate, how to properly delegate, better time management and what the difference is between a System of Accountability versus People Accountability.

Introduction to Management

These are the fundamentals of managing teams. Energy flows where your attention goes so let’s get you focused on the right things. Understand how to take ownership of your time, your results and your future.

DiSC Profiles and People Analysis

Gain an awareness of different communication, decision making, and learning styles. This session will arm you with tools that will increase your effectiveness in managing your team. You will see increased results in your time, team building and yourself as a leader.

Management Systems

Learn the difference between managing, mentoring and coaching. Learn why most managers struggle with delegation and time management and how to get back not only your time but your ability to lead.

Team Building and Leadership

Learn how to build the dream team you have always wanted! We will also teach you the secrets to becoming a great manager. As a manager, the tools and strengths that got you here will not get you to the next level.

Time Management

This session will teach you how to use a proven time system to ensure that you and your team are using your time in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Review – What is working and what needs work!

Tying all of the learnings together. What is working for you? What is working for others? Learn from others and let others learn from you. The last stage of learning is teaching!

All course book and materials included.

Sessions run twice a month for 90 minutes. Six total sessions over three months. Call (262) 790-1213 TODAY to reserve your place!

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