The Journey to EOS®

The journey to EOS® Mastery is anything but smooth sailing! It’s some of the hardest work you’ll do while building your business, yet the treasure you’ll find at the end of the journey is priceless.

At our recent EOS Mastery session on May 11th, we discussed the storms, reefs, and mutinies that can sink your implementation, and how to navigate your business through them to a safe port.

More than thirty Visionaries and Integrators™ from EOS-using companies shared their experiences, learnings and best practices. Four key elements emerged in our discussion: Setting the Leadership Team; becoming Open & Honest; achieving EOS Mastery, and making EOS Sustainable. I’ll share the good stuff from our discussions over four blogs.

Setting the Leadership Team: The leadership team will change over time! And this is a GOOD thing, even if it involves some pain in making people changes. The EOS Process™ sets leaders up for success – IF they are the Right Person in the Right Seat (RPRS). If they aren’t, it will become apparent not just to you, but the entire leadership team. That means that the leadership team will help the Integrator decide if there needs to be a change.

It’s not fun to make a people change on the leadership team. However, for the greater good of the company, it’s our responsibility to address it. We discussed how often we put off making the move, hoping they’ll improve. Hope is not a strategy!

It was also interesting that most times when we made a difficult people change, that person was actually relieved. Our society does not reward quitting, and most people will continue to struggle until we tap them on the shoulder and give them permission to move to a seat that is a better fit for them.

Finally, we shared how this is our opportunity as the Visionary and Integrator™ in a company implementing EOS to “let go of the vine” and delegate and elevate people. EOS gives us a structure to build leaders, IF we can let go of the vine – and not grab it back! A nugget shared was to give your leadership team permission to call you out when you do grab it back. When they know we really do want to change and trust them, they’ll help us.

More to come on the other three aspects of the EOS Journey. If you’re an EOS-using company in southeast Wisconsin, feel free to contact us about our next event, which we hold once every quarter.

Here’s to the journey!

By: Jim Palzewicz

Certified EOS Implementer™

Molly BarnesThe Journey to EOS®