The Key to Developing Leaders


More than just leading a team, leaders must be able to develop and mold the individuals under their wing to become potential leaders in the future while doing their part in the organization.

This is one of the keys to the success of an organization.

From the beginning of his or her ‘term’, a leader must be able to condition themselves that eventually, the baton must and will be passed, and he or she must be able to do so without hesitation. There are three important components of succession planning that must be kept in mind during the entire process:

  1. Attracting and retaining the best talent.
  2. Building leaders from within the organization.
  3. Developing the careers of potential successors.

A leader must be constantly on the lookout for new and upcoming leaders.

There are certain practices to be observed when creating a successful hiring model:

  1. Hire for attitude and train for skill. It is easier to train an individual with the right mindset and attitude. Great bosses will know how to properly train their employees, and that this process is continuous in order to further grow the organization, so an individuals attitude must be open to this too.
  2. Believe in the ‘Popeye Principle.’ Candidates for a position must not be taken at face value.
  3. Use behavior to predict behavior. Though this does not mean that a leader should not give an individual the benefit of the doubt or a second chance, the best predictor of a person’s future behavior is still his or her past behavior.
  4. Implement peer hiring. One of the best ways to assess an individual’s performance is to take into consideration his or her evaluation courtesy of the people he or she has established professional and personal relationships within the organization.
  5. Try simulating the job. The goal of this process is to be able to identify which ones among the current employees can be leaders in the future. By developing a system, one will be able to easily replace leaders in the key positions with qualified employees, identifying them even before the need arises.

If you create a culture of leadership within your organization, where employees feel welcome to ask for advice and explore growth opportunities, success is sure to follow. Take care of your employees, be on the lookout for trends in behaviors, and really getting to know your team will help you better prepare and develop them. Set small goals and see how it goes!

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