The Professional Approach

In every industry and business, there are key differences between a true professional and everyone else.

Here are a few that apply to the sales profession: a professional will make their quota of calls every day even when he or she does not want to. Plus, they will usually make more than he is required to. They know the extra calls result in appointments and sales.

A sales professional practices her sales presentation until she can deliver it perfectly and flawlessly. He or she identifies the key points that are relevant to each prospect and makes sure he or she presents them in a manner that will make the most impact on her customer.

A professional accepts responsibility for his or her results and constantly looks for ways to improve. She does not blame the company, market, or economy when she misses her quota.

He does not rely solely on his company’s advertising or marketing efforts to generate leads.

He goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure he reaches his goals. He or she makes things happen by taking consistent and constant forward action.

katapultThe Professional Approach