The Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Leadership Skills

If you desire to lead a passion-filled life and an inspired team, you will enjoy incorporating the following practices which will help you live your life as a conscious and strong LEADER. 

  1. Have a clear vision of yourself, others, and the world. Who are you? What do you stand for? What is your life purpose? How do you want to influence others? How do you want to contribute to yourself, your family, friends, colleagues, and the world? Answer these questions to formulate a concrete vision of yourself and your world. Then, start living your life as the leader who makes your vision a reality!
  2. Know and utilize your strengths and gifts. You have unique gifts that you were born with and personal strengths you’ve developed over your lifetime. Realizing and utilizing these gifts and strengths will assist you in being a formidable leader.
  3. Live in accordance with your morals and values. Making choices and taking actions out of accordance with your morals and values leaves you with a nagging “Bad” feeling. This oftentimes subconscious feeling actually serves to hinder your success in your career and your relationships. On the other hand, making choices and taking actions aligned with your morals and values helps you succeed almost effortlessly. People sense integrity and will naturally respect your opinion and leadership.
  4. Lead others with inclusiveness and compassion. The greatest leaders are those who include everyone in their sphere of influence by recognizing each person’s value in any given situation. To be one of these leaders, you must look beyond the obvious and see others with insight and compassion. Many of history’s greatest leaders have admitted that they rose to become a great leader because another leader recognized their potential and included them in an important process or activity.
  5. Set definitive goals and follow concrete action plans. You have to know where your destination is before you can map out a plan to get there. To improve your leadership skills, you will first set specific life goals with appropriate timelines. Design your goals by moving backward from the end of your life to the present week. Then, formulate action plans you can commit to that will get you to where you want to be.
  6. Maintain a positive attitude. No one respects a grumpy or negative person. With a positive attitude, you are always looking at the bright side of every situation. People are naturally attracted to you when you have a positive attitude. By being positive, you will lead a happier life, as well as be surrounded by other positive people. You will also magically attract exciting offers and possibilities.
  7. Improve communication skills. No man is a mountain unto himself. Having great leadership skills includes your being able to clearly and specifically communicate your vision, goals, skills, intentions, and expectations to others. This also includes your ability to listen to what other people are consciously or unconsciously communicating. To become a great communicator, continually strive to improve your verbal, nonverbal, and listening skills.
  8. Motivate others to greatness. A leader is only as powerful as his team. As a leader, you will want to surround yourself with a powerful team by assisting others in recognizing and utilizing their strengths, gifts, and potential. Motivating others to their own greatness will improve the group energy, increase the vitality of your projects, and move you forward toward achieving your goals and vision.
  9. Be willing to admit and learn from failures and weaknesses. Face it – No one is perfect, and everyone has made a mistake or two in their lives! The most successful leaders know that the key to success is not avoiding falling or failing, but to learn from their mistakes. As a strong leader, you will also be able to communicate your weaknesses to your team, so that you and your team can appoint someone who excels at that particular task or activity.
  10. Continue to educate and improve yourself. I hate to break it to you, but to continue to be a great leader you must continue to improve yourself in every possible way. Given the nature of our world as one in which every person, creature, and thing is constantly changing and evolving, you too must evolve and grow. The person who thinks he is an expert has a lot more to learn. Never stop learning. Be receptive to everyone’s perceptions and information from around the world and beyond.
katapultThe Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Leadership Skills