Welcome Back To Business Season

With State Fair over and Labor Day weekend just around the corner, it’s back to business season. Where on earth do you start to find motivation for the rest of the year just after saying goodbye to summer? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Schedule a team meeting. Talk about your wins, your challenges, what’s currently going on or coming up that everyone should know about. Getting your team together is a great way to create team synergy and get everyone on the same page. It also helps create momentum. Bring snacks, drinks, anything to make it fun.
  • Plan something to look forward to! This one always works for me, having something to look forward to will motivate you to get your “stuff” done.
  • Get some exercise. As entrepreneurs taking time for ourselves always gets pushed to the end of our to-do lists. Make the most of the beautiful weather and the lasting sunshine. You’ll be so glad you did.
  • Spend time evaluating your customer service with your team. This is a great exercise to schedule quarterly. Customer service should be under continuous improvement. As part of that effort, ask a friend to stop by and report on their experience, reevaluate the ease of maneuvering through your website, have a brief conversation with a client. They’ll appreciate that you respect what they’re saying.
  • Think about your own mindset. Are you in a great frame of mind to get back to business? Get excited for what’s coming and see beauty in the season. When you feel confident and really truly believe in yourself, that’s when the real magic happens!
  • Review your financials. Yes, we totally get it, most business owners want to avoid this one, but you’ll be glad you did in the long run! How are things shaping up for the rest of the year? What changes do you need to make?
  • If you want something to look forward to, we, of course, recommend registering to attend one of our many complimentary events and workshops! You’ll spend a few hours with fellow small business owners and entrepreneurs as you exchange challenges and ideas, and meet our coaches! We guarantee you’ll leave with at least 3 things you can go implement immediately, and breakfast or lunch is always included. What have you got to lose?

“Fall” in love with back to business season – your business, team, and customers will all be thankful for it! What is the one thing you are going to take action on today?

By: Molly Barnes

Molly BarnesWelcome Back To Business Season