What Do You Do To Celebrate Your Company’s Successes?

I was at our last client quarterly planning session and after our clients were done creating their 90-day plans I asked the group, “How are you and your team going to celebrate when you complete your goals?” Everyone in the room looked up at me as if I had just told them they all had forgotten their pants. That one question told me that we as business owners do not spend enough time celebrating our successes.

There are many levels of celebrating and recognizing success and wins. Here are just a few:

  • Recognize small wins at all levels, company, team, employee, vendor, and customer at team meetings. – It doesn’t need to always come from the leader, it can come from anyone.
  • Ring a bell each time you get a new customer.
  • Bang a gong with each sale.
  • After the successful finish of each project – take a silly picture of the team shouting “We did it!” or something even more inspiring!
  • At the end of each week, take the last hour of the week to talk about wins for the week over refreshments and snacks.
  • How does your team want to celebrate big successes? If you don’t know or are not sure go ahead and ask them. Make it something that gets people motivated to push to the finish line.
  • As the leader, how are you going to reward yourself for reaching your 90 day, 1-year, and 3-year goals? A vacation with the family? A new toy? When things get hard, and they will if you’ve created goals that make you stretch, this is the thing that gets you back to focusing on the end game.

The point here is that success and accomplishments are to be celebrated if for no other reason than it helps teams to bond and makes business fun.

What is one thing you’re going to celebrate in your business today to have a better business tomorrow?

By: Jackie Zach

Molly BarnesWhat Do You Do To Celebrate Your Company’s Successes?